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From DD (Diane) Kinnard

By Staff | Jul 18, 2012

My name is Mrs. Kinnard, sometimes pronounced Mrs. Tannard and I have also been known to answer to Mr. Dannard. Before I share my jobs blessings. I first would like to thank the members of New Martinsville United Methodist Church for the vision for a Christian preschool and allowing their vision to become my dream called Little Lambs Preschool.

When I go to work each day, I have a lesson plan. Sometimes it works and sometimes the plans change. For you see, I know that one day that little boy will grow up and not want to sit on his teacher’s lap to read a book. I also know that soon those little girls will be real princesses walking into their prom. So when they want me to be a princess too, this 40-something says, “Absolutely!”

At Little Lambs we turn playing into learning. I love handing students a salt shaker and saying, “My Daddy told me that if you put salt on a bird’s tail you could catch him! Thank goodness no birds yet!” Another Little Lamb’s favorite is Michaelangelo and the Sistine Chapel which usually translates into, “Can you believe Michael and Jello painted 16 chapels?”

One Christmas I had a child reach in his pocket and hand me two quarters and say, “Merry Christmas, Teacher. I will always love your guts!” I will forever be blessed because of the love of a child.

In closing, I will try to explain my “Kinnardism” that I have used with my own children, campers, and now my Little Lambs. Before a child leaves my classroom I will say,”I will always love your guts! I despise the phrase “I hate your guts” because in my life I’ve learned love always trumps hate!

Personally, I’m so thankful for a Lord and Savior who made me so my guts (the messy, ugly part of me) sits right under my heart. He chooses to love the messiest part straight to my heart. For this naive preschool teacher, I pray that when students leave my classroom they will always remember there is a teacher somewhere that will “always love their guts!”

Kids are my business,

Mrs. DD (Diane) Kinnard

Little Lambs Preschool Teacher