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From Warren Wade

By Staff | Jun 20, 2012

My name is Warren Wade, and I am an inmate at the Northern Regional Jail.

For those of you that I may have hurt, or whose life I have disrupted, for that I am truly very sorry.

Had I known the effects of alcohol and the results it could have, I would have never taken that first drink. That’s why I find it so easy to say no to drugs, because I have seen and know the result of drug abuse.

I have seen, read, and heard the results of heroin, pain pills, cocaine, just to name a few, but these seem to be the drugs of choice.

I asked a 19 year old fellow inmate, what possessed him to stick a needle in his arm containing heroin? His answer, “I watched a buddy do it, and he talked me into letting him shoot me up.” I told him, “That guy was not your buddy, but someone who hated you.” Because anyone who would talk someone into taking drugs, also knows the road he’s going to go down to feed his habit that he is sure to get. The family and friends he will lie to, businesses he will steal from to get the money for drugs, and when he gets caught, and he will, he comes to jail, and I get to watch him come off the drugs, “dope sick they call it.”

In so much pain, several people have told me they wished they had died, it was so bad. I could believe it, just by watching them. I guess his buddy never told him that part.

So if you decide to try drugs, and get addicted, which you probably will, and have to steal to feed your habit, which again, you probably will, they will always have room here at the jail for you. And believe me, this is a miserable place without being “dope sick,” but to be coming off drugs in here, or anywhere for that matter, would be pure misery. Plus, you also get a life-changing criminal record. So is it worth it? Absolutely not! Chase your dreams, not drugs.


Warren Wade

Northern Regional Jail