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From Renee Davis

By Staff | Jun 13, 2012

I would like this F.Y.I. to go out to the people in our community that are trying to help their families or others with our current drug problem. Not everyone is working together to help stop it. We have a local jewelry shop that is willing to help them get what they need, even if the shop sees the thief more than once a day.

At the moment the shop had me on the phone with a list of the items taken from my home, she also had the thieves in the shop at the same time. The shop asked for my number and said they would call me back. Then the shop hung up the phone, put my items in an envelope, handed them back to the thieves, ripped up the receipt for the money the shop would give the thieves and the items that I lost, and told the thieves they should leave right then because the items were stolen. The shop did call me back to confirm the information I gave them but never told us the thieves were there. The shop never called the police, and the shop ripped up the evidence to the crime. The shop also had seen these thieves earlier in the day.

I did go to the shop and just asked why. I feel the shop could have done something to stop the crime if they wanted to help our kids and community, as well as the victims. The shop could have said something on the phone while it was happening, called the police, or at the very least, saved the evidence to the crime.

I was unable to get an answer as to why from the shop. I really didn’t expect one. I then asked what they normally do and I was told call the police; however, that also was not done. For me, it wasn’t about the money, it was about a few items I couldn’t replace because they belonged to my daughter who passed on. Irreplaceable with no value to replace on anyone but me.

I personally feel the shop should be accountable for their actions, as I did let the shop know that. The shop did say they were sorry, but that doesn’t do it for me. I plan on fighting this.

Renee Davis

New Martinsville