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From Rosy Cozart

By Staff | Dec 28, 2011

To the Editor:

The Wetzel County Animal Shelter Supporters, Inc., would like to thank the donors, attendees, and helpers for making our souper supper/auction a great success! We made approximately $3,800 for the animals! If you are not mentioned, please let us know as we have tried to remember and include everyone and we do want you recognized. Please support our donors!

Awon, Arby’s, Azteca, Ace Hardware, Alternatives, All Season’s Bike Shop, Baseball Hall of Fame, Bell Chevrolet, Blue’s Side Car, Book Store, Bruce Bowling Lane, Burger King, B.E. Taylor, Baristas, Best Friends, Bob Gorby, Bayer Heritage Credit Union, Boggs Pizza and Grill, Brenda Long/Avon, Debra King/Avon, Carman Williams, Captain Quarters, Chen’s Garden, Choo Choo’s, Christy Weaver, Campbell Pet Co., Cash N More, Domino’s, Dr. Barnes, Dr. Marshall, Debbie Lowe, Del Grosso’s Amusement Park, Debbie Van Schaik, Celia Johnson, Crazy Confections, Dr. Meckley, Debbie’s Hair Loft, Design’s and Logo’s, Don Mason, Did’s Designs, Elm Grove Dodge, Fortune and Smith, Family Dollar, Fiesta Hair, Flower Basket, Headquarters, Howell’s Tire, Helen Bennet, Home Comforts, Hundred Farm Supply, Hundred Lumber Co., Hodge Podge Candles, Glen Barnes, Goldie Poole, Green Acres, Hundred Citgo, Green Lawn Cemetery, Jewelry Dr, King’s Corner, KFC Taco Bell, Krueger St. Toy and Train Museum, Lou Rabel, Joe Rabel, Long John Silvers, Living Word Outdoor Drama, Lucille Cecil, Michele Krause, Marv’s, McDonald’s, Melissa Dinger, Mike Clark, Memory Makers, Martin Hardware, Michelle Burch, Mayo’s Exxon, Morgan’s Auto Parts, Norris Tire, Nancy’s Nook/Tam’s Gifts, Napa, Norris Pharmacy, Occasions, Old Barn Landscape Center, Nutra, Oak Tree Furniture, Pasco’s Pizza, La Pasta Bella, Peking Super Buffet, Perkins, Phillips Pharmacy, PJ’s Pizza, Prodigy Wellness Center, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Precious Moments, Pizza Hut, RadioShack, Quinet’s, RC Video, Rent A Center, Riggenbach’s, Ruttenberg’s, Susie’s Crafts, Satterfield Floral, S&S Jewelry, Sardis Tire, Subway, Sweet Melissa’s Restaurant, Susan Fair, Shortline Floral, Sleep Outfitters, Sunoco, Suriano Specialties, Tranquility, Teagardens Treasures, Tin Ceiling, Tom’s One Stop, TSC, Tasty Freeze, Union Bank of Hundred, Valley Diner, Valley Towing, Valerie Fisher, Valley Cinema, Wendy’s, White’s Auto, Wheel of Fortune, Wheeling Nailers, Wayside Furniture, Weldon’s, Wesbanco, Wise’s Beauty Salon, New Martinsville and Middlebourne Witschey’s, Teresa Vercere, White’s Auto, Work’s Fitness, and Walmart.

Helpers: Helen Bennet, Ron and Joan Frye, Arnold Cochran, David and Jill Warneke, Kathy and Fred Sulsberger, Becci Loy, Debra King, Diana Huggins, Lou and Joe Rabel, Penny Burch, Ruth Starkey, Nancy Dorsch, Patty Baker, Connie Yeager, Matt Weekley, Pam Ferrell, Melissa Dinger, Dolores Dinger, Leslie Manley, Suzy Manley, Goldie Poole, Christy Weaver, Susan Fair, Nola Parks, Bob Sellers, Bob Gorby, Mike Clark, Terry Cozart, Russell Hall, and Terrell Shaffer.


Rosy Cozart

Shelter Director