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From Mary Morris

By Staff | Dec 21, 2011

To the Editor:

It’s about that two-year-old girl who was found walking the streets just wearing a diaper in Brooke County. On Nov. 19 she was brought to us. She was very scared that I was going to leave her alone. She hardly ate at all until Thanksgiving Day. She ate a lot of food that day. She covered her eyes every time she ate or drank. She played with her hair and made knots in it. By the end of November she almost stopped covering her eyes and playing with her hair. She is eating so good she is filling out and her clothes are fitting her well. She followed me around the house to make sure I wouldn’t leave her.

On Dec. 7 a Brooke County worker called and said that she made an appointment for the little girl to see her mother at DHHR in New Martinsville. I called her back and told her that I couldn’t do it that day because I had to take my dog to the vet to put him to sleep. Then I had to get back home and bury him, then run to my husband’s job and get his check, then run back in time to get my boys off the bus. I told the worker that I could do it on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. The worker got a little nasty and said, “Well I found a family that wants to adopt her if it doesn’t work out for her mother.” Then I said “Well, we are supposed to be foster parents. Adoption is not supposed to be in the works yet, until we see what happens along the way.” But I told her that we are in it to adopt her, too.

I told the worker that we never had problems with the Wheeling, Moundsville, and New Martinsville DHHR offices. They always work with us around my schedule. The worker said she is sending someone down to get the little girl to have her ready by 4 p.m. I was very disappointed in the worker because I offered to work with her and the worker kept on talking about the family, not the little girl. I told her that the little girl is doing well here. Then the worker said she wants her to be closer to her mother.

I thought we are supposed to do what is best for the children.

Mary Morris