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From Paulette Anderson

By Staff | Dec 13, 2011

This letter is to the Wetzel Chronicle in reference to an article printed on December 7, 2011, pertaining to the Veterans Day service at the New Martinsville Health Care Center. I would like to clarify the information that was given in the article.

I am not sure where the information came from pertaining to the Auxiliary names/Post President, as we (Auxiliary Unit members who were there) weren’t asked.

First of all, the American Legion are men and women veterans who served from WWI down through the ongoing conflict of today. To belong to The American Legion you must be a veteran of these wars. The American Legion Auxiliary are wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, granddaughters, and great-granddaughters of veterans who either are members of The American Legion or are deceased with dates appropriate to the war they served in. When you belong to The American Legion you belong to a Post. When you belong to the American Legion Auxiliary you belong to the Unit of that Post.

It was stated in the article that “Paulette Anderson, President of the Post, spoke and thanked the veterans for their service.” I, Paulette Anderson, am not a veteran. I am an Auxiliary member and am President of our Unit, not the Post. We have tried several times to make this clear in articles we do, programs we participate in. But we still have remarks like we are Ladies Auxiliary Post #28 or members of the Post. We are American Legion Auxiliary Unit #28. I am a proud member of this organization and Unit. We do comfort baskets yearly for our veterans, Poppy Drives yearly for our veterans, and we send fruit basket/doughnuts to New Martinsville School for the teachers for National Education Week. We participate with our Post with Flag Detail in the annual Christmas Parade and Memorial Day Services.

Our Unit would just like to have the credit deserved which would include name of Auxiliary members who have their pictures in the paper. One of our members, Charla Jobes, had her picture taken presenting a Comfort Basket to a veteran at the nursing home and she wasn’t even mentioned. The other picture of the veterans doing the ceremony was. The articles that are published goes into a Public Relations book that is done yearly, and if it is incorrect we can’t use it.

Please, mention us by American Legion Auxiliary Unit #28. We are proud members of this Unit.

God Bless America

God Bless Our Veterans!

Paulette Anderson

American Legion Auxiliary

President Unit #28

New Martinsville