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From Susan Householder

By Staff | Nov 23, 2011

To the Editor:

This time of year most of us feel stretched and stressed-not enough time or money to go around. To make things easier this year, I would like to suggest a “perfect” gift for you to give-it costs little to give, just a little bit of your time.

You’ll likely not know the person who will receive this gift, but trust me those who receive this gift are truly in need.

What is this gift? It’s the perfect gift of a blood donation through the American Red Cross. By giving this gift you will help save lives.

I know how much this gift can mean because I was the recipient of such a gift in November 2007. I gave birth to my son on Black Friday through an unplanned Caesarean section. Afterwards, for unknown reasons, they could not stop the bleeding. I was unable to leave recovery until I received my first blood transfusion. Our first photos together show me receiving the second transfusion. In the end, I needed a total of four units of red blood cells.

The persons who gave their gift surely gave me more than they could probably imagine. They gave me the chance to hold my son, share in his first Christmas, as well as recover and continue on in my life.

Please, take the time to donate blood this holiday season.

Not sure if you can donate? Visit redcrossblood.org for additional information. Make an appointment today on the web or call 1-800-RED CROSS.

Thank you,

Susan Householder

Warfordsburg, Pa.