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From Rosy Cozart

By Staff | Nov 23, 2011

To the Editor:

In our second letter of thanks for volunteers at the Mutt Strut, we would like to thank:

Christy Weaver, Marilyn Jacobs, Michelle Hall, Andrew Yeager, Penny Hamilton, Nancy Dorsch, Christy Weaver, Patty Baker, Patty Miller, Mike Clark, Carman Harman, Carol Pefferman, Diane Huggins, Becci Loy, Kathy Sulsberger, Misty Keener, Heather Dills, Lacey Harris, Susie Hill, Margaret Pefferman, April Clark (dog palace), Nancy Nice, Penny Burch, Susan Fair, the Olive Branch, Melissa Dinger, Vivian Rine, Jody Michael, Amy Sine, Marvin Lamm, Lucinda Kirk, Tiffany Bolten, Rachel Eastham, Celia Johnson, Linda Stackpole, and a group from the Lighthouse Community Church. Gump’s septic and portable restrooms donated a restroom and a sink for the event.

I apologize now for anyone I have missed mentioning, but please know that you are very appreciated. Please let me know if you were not recognized!

Thanks all!

Until next year,

Rosy Cozart

Wetzel County Animal Shelter Supporters, Inc