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From Donna Ferrell

By Staff | Nov 23, 2011

To the Editor:

This is intended as a follow-up to my prior letter included Nov. 13th in the News Register and also submitted to the Wetzel Chronicle.

Some very sincere Pro-Life individuals and supporters may ask where I got my information to make statements of fact that certain organizations and/or churches weren’t doing all they could, and in my opinion, making it near impossible to abolish legalized murder of preborn babies.

Most of my letters conclude with sharing what I feel is a near comprehensive Web site for more information. Unfortunately, my last letter didn’t include that information because of my effort to meet the word limit rule of that particular newsprint. The Web sites listed below address science, history, medicine, ethics, politics, church involvement, and much more:




www.ProLifeProfiles. com,


Donna Ferrell