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From Pam Ferrell

By Staff | Oct 26, 2011

The definition of “Stray”, in the noun form, is any domestic animal found wandering at large or without an owner; or any homeless, friendless person or animal.

Would you “feed” a homeless person, if you thought he might stay? What if they never leave, because you treated them kindly or tended their wounds? Oh my, what if they made your home theirs and never moved on?

A skinny kitten, less than a pound. . . a dog that is a rack of bones from trying to get home. . . these poor creatures are deserving of your compassion. What will it hurt to give them something to eat, while you try to contact someone to help them? Don’t hand it to me and tell me you have seen it at your house for two days (or weeks) and didn’t feed it because you didn’t want it to stay.

Obviously it is staying! Despite the fact that humans have caused it’s plight, it is staying, turning to, yet another, human thinking you are a good person and will give it sustenance until the “pound” can take it away.

We are a society of wasteful people. We throw food away everyday and we seldom can say that we are hungry, why not help the helpless, until someone else can.

Pam Ferrell

Assistant Director

Wetzel County Dog Shelter