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From Leonard C. McIe

By Staff | Oct 19, 2011

My letter, now that our special election for governor is over and Bill Maloney did push Earl Ray Tomblin right to the end, has to do do with our 2012 elections and who we want to represent us. First, what do we have with Earl Ray Tomblin? Will he destroy the tourist business by blowing up Seneca Rocks and Spruce Knob and the such, and turning them into coal fields? And with the Marcellus gas drilling? Our private-owned properties we tax payers and state residents pay tax? That we pay our hard-earned dollars for and have worked to make our homes and farms on? Why do these privileged have the rights to business over our way of life to destroy it? As the natural gas industry and such?

I do think with our 2012 elections, whether it is democrat or republican or third party, the back counties voters, tax payers, and land owners will have to elect a candidate who will represent us. And what about the EPA? Why do we need it? I simply ask to prevent our own state government from allowing these gas and coal companies to poison us and our families and destroy our state and homes and environment.

Leonard C. McIe

French Creek