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From Sandy Keeton

By Staff | Jun 1, 2011

To the Editor:

I was conversing recently with a friend of mine who told me of an incident with our local Walmart store. She apparently purchased six mini-blinds at the New Martinsville Store at a price of $5.97 each. She needed nine, but they only had six. A family member happened to be in the Marietta Walmart store the next day and purchased the three needed blinds at $3.96 each. She took the nine blinds to our local Walmart to question the difference in price. She asked if they honored competitors’ prices and the response was: “Yes, but not their own Walmart stores.”

Her next question was: “Why not?” The answer was: “We have no competition here so our prices vary.”

She responded: “Then you could sell them for $10 each if you wanted to.” The response was: “Yes.”

She returned the blinds to the New Martinsville store and purchased the nine in the Marietta store at their price.

I do not think this is quite fair for our residents in New Martinsville to not be able to purchase the same item at the same price offered at their chain of Walmart stores.

This may be the reason many people are now refusing to buy local.

Sandy Keeton

New Martinsville