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From Leonard C. McIe

By Staff | Jun 1, 2011

Dear Editor:

As a free, American citizen I do like to exercise my rights as such. Such as freedom of speech, free press, and media, as with the Reader Forums of our local news publications and as the such, letters of opinion. And as with this situation. We as private citizens and residents of West Virginia, and tax payers.

The issues of my letter are with our upcoming elections and the Marcellus gas shale drilling and the issue of mountain top removal mining.

As I see of my personal opinion, Bill Maloney would best be suited for governor of West Virginia.

I do think Earl Ray Tomblin is for government and business and coal at all costs. What about the personal and private land owners and tax payers and our farmers and such? Why is it the rights of these coal and gas companies to destroy our properties and move amidst our private and personal dwellings? Why are their rights superior to ours?

And what about West Virginia’s natural scenic beauty and tourist attractions? What will happen to those? Who will want to come to see West Virginia when all of this is gone, set apart from ever wanting to live here? What is West Virginia and its people and heritage? West Virginia is much more than coal. I do think West Virginia and its people need Bill Maloney. And I do think Bill Maloney does need to give attention to the issues of the Mountain Party and the needs of the rural areas and its people to be elected governor of West Virginia.

Leonard C. McIe

French Creek, W.Va.