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From Judy Moore

By Staff | May 25, 2011

To the Editor:

With Memorial Day coming up, I finally decided to do something about a 50-year-old memory of my father taking me to see a WWII Memorial in New Martinsville where his name was on a big wall (the “Wall of Honor” he would say).

I remember telling my children and grandchildren about it, but wasn’t sure where it was, so I started calling different places in New Martinsville. Some people didn’t know what I was talking about. They were very nice to me but probably thought I was crazy. I finally got in touch with a lady who told me it was the War Memorial building. I told her I had tried on other Memorial Days and Veterans Days to go in that building, but it was locked up. She told me what times I could go in.

I decided to take some of my family to see it. We walked in and sure enough there it was, as majestic as ever, except there were objects all over the place. My family didn’t go up close to it. They were afraid they weren’t allowed. I decided to go, I scooted my feet one behind the other in a tiny little place to keep from stepping on anything. I was able to look in behind the objects and could see my dad’s name. I tried to see others’ names I knew, but couldn’t see the other side of the wall. My father had brothers who were in the war, but I couldn’t find them.

My grandchildren and great-grandchildren also have another great-grandfather on a monument in a small nearby town, it’s not as majestic and there are very few names. It sits in front of the school for all to see. It is kept very well and there is always a flag and flowers present. Even though my family doesn’t live in that town, they know their pap is on that memorial.

I am writing this for my father who was very proud of that wall. I am ashamed that I haven’t visited this beautiful memorial a lot sooner. Maybe we as citizens should show more interest in what our fathers have done for us and pay our respects, that they might make room for us to walk up, take a picture, talk about it to our kids so they will be proud, also. What is the saying? “Less we never forget.”

For the O’Neil brothers,

Judy Moore

Pine Grove