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From Denver McMullen

By Staff | May 25, 2011

To the Editor:

Throughout American history there have been many notable quotes, or one liners, that have captured the spirit of the moment and they live on due to the actions of the individuals who are said to have uttered them. Those among us who are familiar with our history will recognize the quote and the person who made them. Since American history in our educational system today is considered a thing of the past (no pun

intended), many of our young people are unacquainted with the quotes

and the people who made them. What a pity.

Some of my favorite quotes are, “Don’t give up the ship,” “I have not yet begun to fight,” “Don’t shoot till you see the whites of their eyes,” or “I regret that I have only one life to give for my country,” just to name a few. Each of these quotes was uttered at a critical time in our history and each is worthy of remembering. A quote that appeared in our lexicon before the 2008 election may well be remembered as being both accurate and prophetic as were some of the quotes mentioned above. It is this.” Elections have consequences!”

Truer words were never spoken! In the time between the 2009 Inauguration and the Nov. election of 2010 the American people lived under totalitarian rule! Only after the minority party gained control of the House was some sanity restored to our governing system! When one party controls all three branches of government it is not only counter to the intent of our Founders but as we can see it is inherently dangerous to our liberty. This is true regardless of which party is in power. West Virginia is a prime example of the fallacy of one party rule. As a state, we will never achieve all that we are capable of till we have balance in our governing system. The election of a Republican governor this fall would go a long way toward bringing sanity to our system. Due to the extreme partisan mentality of our citizens it will be difficult to bring this about. It has been done before. I am disheartened to think that Obama should even be considered for a second term seeing what he and his minions have done to our country. Partisan thinking runs deep in the hills of West Virginia. To a degree this is laudable, but not to the detriment of our way of life!

In my younger years, a very partisan gentleman in our county was heard to exclaim!” I would vote the …….ticket if it sunk the Nation!” The election of 2008 may prove him correct!

Denver McMullen