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From Ray Lambert

By Staff | May 11, 2011

To the Editor:

With the gubernatorial primary election just days away, it is important for voters to know where candidates stand on important traditional family values. To help educate voters the West Virginia Family Foundation has published a non-partisan Family Values Voter Guide for all candidates running in the 2011 Special Primary Gubernatorial election.

Each of the 14 candidates were sent our non-partisan 2011 Gubernatorial Family Values Questionnaire and encouraged to return their responses to us. Their responses were tallied and recorded on our Family Values Voter Guide. Voters can easily identify those candidates holding traditional family values based upon their voting record for incumbents and answers provided by new candidates.

The non-partisan Family Values Voter Guide is now available on our website at www.wvfamily.org. It can be viewed, copied and distributed to family, friends, churches and businesses across the state.

We encourage West Virginia citizens to educate themselves before entering the voting booth. Doing so will help promote and maintain traditional family values within the public policies of this state.

Working together, we can make a difference for the families of West Virginia!

Ray Lambert, Chairman of West Virginia Family Foundation, Inc.

Sophia, W.Va.