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From Brent and Donna Ferrell

By Staff | May 11, 2011

To the Editor:

You’re not a person because Simon didn’t say so!

  This Saturday, May 14, at 11:30 a.m., the local Wetzel and Tyler Right to Life group is hosting their Annual Mother’s Day Walk and Rally. The parade, which begins at the New Martinsville City Building and concludes at Bruce Park with special music, refreshments and a rally, is the group’s largest fundraiser. All monies raised will benefit women, children and their families directly through two Pregnancy Care Centers. Both of these institutions offer emotional, spiritual, and physical support to help save lives and make a difference in the families of this world. We encourage all local churches and individuals to get involved by picking up a sponsor form at Quinet’s Restaurant, the City Building, or the New Martinsville Public Library. Collect as many sponsors as you can through your many everyday contacts. Don’t forget to add your own life-saving donation! If you’re unable to collect sponsors, we still encourage you to attend, making the largest life-saving donation you can.

The following is from The Grove of Quotes on the Web: “You hear a voice on the radio, you see a face on the TV and instantly you have a sense of recognition. Sometimes you may not remember the name or why they are famous but instantly you know it is that person and no one else.”

Why do we care? Why do we work at a task that many have abandoned or ignored?  We do it for people like Gianna Jessen, Ana Rosa Rodriguez, Heidi Huffman, Christelle Morrison, Sarah Smith, Baby Grace, Lauren Pulliam, Baby Claire, Jim Kelly, Ximena Renaerts, Sarah Brown, Baby Hope, Melissa Ohden, and Claire Culwell. Who are these people? These names represent just a few of the unique individuals that dodged the bullet that was bought just for them by their parents. For their personal stories, go to www.TruthTV.org

Now, we’d like to share a personal story. Our daughter had health problems that forced her to leave work early during her first pregnancy. Because she was home alone during the day, and because she wasn’t distracted by other children or people, she noticed that her pre-born baby boy had particular sleeping patterns, movement patterns, and preferences. After he was born, she noticed that he continued to maintain the exact patterns and preferences he exhibited prior to birth. He was an individual person from the moment he was created. Period. 

Come celebrate Personhood with us.

Brent and Donna Ferrell, Wetzel and Tyler Right to Life