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From Patsy Hoyt

By Staff | May 4, 2011

To the Editor:

I recently had my fourth bake and craft sale at Witschey’s in New Martinsville benefiting our kids in Haiti. I have supported Lifeline Christian Missions in Haiti for 25 years. One of the main food items used is peanut butter. This year, they are needing 100,000 jars to feed the kids there. I have had two previous sales last year. I asked Bill Witschey if I could have a sale before Valentine’s Day this year inside his store. Again, Bill didn’t hesitate to let me set up. Bill and his staff helped me in every possible way. I had a very successful sale. I also asked to have an Easter Sale inside his store. Again, I was given permission without hesitation. Again, another very successful sale.

Bill and his staff at Witschey’s have always been, not only very helpful, but have given me space that could be used for their products. They allow me to sell baked items that they also sell in their own store bakery. I’ve never been asked what I’m going to bake or sell ahead of time.

Because of the generosity of Bill Witschey and his staff, I have been able to raise several hundred dollars for Lifeline Christian Missions. Most of it has been used to buy peanut butter.

Thank you, Bill. There aren’t many of our “hometown” heroes left. Big business has taken over and taken the “personal touch” away. Because of you, many kids in Haiti are being fed and well blessed. I know you are asked daily to help one group or another. You can’t do it all yourself, but because of you, I can still count on a local business to give me a helping hand.


Patsy Hoyt

New Martinsville