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From Barry M. Adkins

By Staff | May 4, 2011

Dear Senator Kessler:

Several weeks ago I sent you an e-mail message concerning the passage of a Marriage Protection Amendment by the State of Indiana to which you have not responded. Thus far, voters in 31 states have voted to defend marriage. The Marriage Protection Amendment defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

The majority of West Virginians want and would support a Marriage Protection Amendment. However, in your capacity serving as Chairman of the Committee on the Judiciary, you have continued to block any further advancement of said Amendment, totally disregarding the wishes of the citizens of West Virginia.

I wish to remind you, Senator, that you were elected to represent and serve the citizens of the Second District, not your own selfish, liberal agenda. I realize that I am not one of your constituents. However, as a candidate for Governor, I feel that the citizens of West Virginia need to know where you truly stand. The citizens of the Second Senatorial District also need to know that you do not represent their interests.


Barry M. Adkins

Bruceton Mills, W.Va.