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From Edward Scharf

By Staff | Mar 30, 2011

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to that of Marguerite Renaud about EPA regulations.

I admire Ms. Renaud’s good intentions with respect to preserving our environment. I too regard clean water and air as a high priority.

However I believe Ms. Renaud, like many others, has been duped by the EPA and government into believing that so called “hazardous pollutants,” namely the greenhouse gas Carbon Dioxide (CO2), is responsible for global climate change. She states that regulation is a “critical public health and environmental issue.” I prefer to stay away from the political hype and stick with the scientific truths about CO2 and Anthropogenic Global Warming.

1. I am an engineer. I am not an expert on climate and weather, but I have studied it. I can tell you this. The physics of CO2 as a greenhouse gas in our atmosphere at the current 400 parts per million concentration do not support the idea of Global Warming. It’s thermodynamically impossible for an increase of 1 cc of CO2 in 10,000 cc of air (since 1900) to cause any measurable change in air temperature. I have calculations that demonstrate that.

2. At the current and projected concentrations of CO2 in air, the gas is absolutely not harmful to humans but in fact beneficial to humans and plant life, including our food supply. Plants thrive on CO2 during photosynthesis. In short, CO2 is “plant food,” creating lush vegetation on our planet which in turn generates Oxygen for us to breathe. Nice!

3. There have been no published scientific experiments that empirically demonstrate that CO2 is the cause of global warming. Furthermore, there are no published scientific reports that disproves natural phenomenon as the reason for global warming.

The government and the EPA pretend to know what the Earth’s temperature should be and what the appropriate levels of CO2 should be in our atmosphere. But the true scientific facts have been hidden or altered. The campaign against global warming is raw, media-aided politics hiding behind the facade of science. EPA regulation of greenhouse gas (CO2) will create an unjustified burden on the US and West Virginia economy.

Edward Scharf

New Martinsville