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From Diane Strippel

By Staff | Mar 23, 2011

Dear Readers:

In response to Mr. Martyn’s letter two weeks ago, do not be deceived: The most important fact about Planned  Parenthood is that they are the nation’s largest provider of abortions! Tragically, it is a hugely profitable business. Planned Parenthood (PPH) received more than $363 million in revenue from government grants and contracts, funded by our tax dollars to perform an unprecedented 324,008 abortions in one year.

While tax dollars given to Planned Parenthood through Title X Family Planning funds do not directly fund abortions (child killing), these taxpayer funds pay for overhead and operations costs which frees up funds to directly provide abortions to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars!

Over one-third of PPFA-affiliated clinic revenues are generated by selling abortions. Planned Parenthood is also heavily involved in pro-abortion advocacy, lobbying, and political activity. Planned Parenthood often argues that increasing its funding will reduce the numbers of abortions. However, judging by their own reports, including a January fact-sheet (“Planned Parenthood Services”), the evidence shows just the opposite: the more money they take in, the more abortions they perform.

Since 1990, abortions in America have dropped by nearly 25 percent, while abortions at PP have doubled! At going rates for standard, surgical first-trimester abortion ($451), PP’s abortions represent revenues of at least $149,900,000 a year. By the way, more than 70 percent of Americans disagree with taxpayer-funded abortion.

     When Margaret Sanger–check my history–started Planned Parenthood, the objective was to put these centers in primarily black communities so they could help kill black babies before they came into the world. It’s planned genocide.

     PP also tells children that premarital sex and homosexual behavior are normal and healthy–sending the message that the Bible’s teaching is false and that pastors and parents are bigots. And shocking new revelations suggest that Planned Parenthood is also helping to provide cover for those who are involved in child prostitution.

    So, again I urge all of you to contact your congressmen and tell them to de-fund Planned Parenthood. Poor women have other government funded resources for health care. If pro-abortion people want to donate to PP, no one is stopping them; but don’t force those of us who see these services as totally wrong and harmful to the women and families, to fund them.


Diane Strippel

New Martinsville