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From Niles Hissom

By Staff | Mar 16, 2011

Dear Editor,

A former American citizen stands before God on judgment day.

This person gave his life to the Lord Jesus, and obeyed Him and lived a faithful life to the end. He is in full faith that God will say to him: “Well done thou faithful and good servant”.

While he lived, he saw the demise of his beloved nation, America. He has a burning question that surfaces to his lips that he humbly and sincerely wants to know the answer. God says, “What is it that burns in your heart that you want to ask Me?”

He says, “Lord America failed so terribly to maintain herself as a nation, one that you so abundantly and exceedingly blessed beyond measure. Many men and women of America tried to stop this collapse that eventually took place, in spite of their efforts, and all of the prayers that were offered to you on America’s behalf. Father, tell my why America collapsed and failed?”

God answered, “America forgot Me and turned their collective backs on Me. Instead, they turned to greed and materialism, and the immorality that I warned would destroy all nations. These evils became their god, as they ignored My clear and distinct voice that could be read every day in My Word. They chose instead to live for the moment, rather than to look to the reward of eternal life to all who would believe and obey Me. These departures from My will for man brought eventual and swift destruction upon them. They saw sin as a more desirable way to live rather than seeking the way of truth and faithfulness to Me. I told them in My word that “all nations that forget Me, will be cast into hell.” But they listened to Satan who convinced them that I do not exist, that man only exists while he is on the earth. Satan won their hearts and led them into his kingdom, and in his kingdom, they and all nations who departed from Me, perished.”

“My child, the things that destroyed America, are the very things that destroy every man who chooses to forget Me and turn to greed and materialism and immorality. 

Men were warned and given unimpeachable evidence of My existence and power and justice, but they were blinded by their own lusts.”

The lesson is unmistakable for men and nations. Turn to God and live!


Niles Hissom

New Martinsville