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From Kimberly Haught

By Staff | Mar 9, 2011

To the Editor:

This is an open letter of great appreciation and thanks to the New Martinsville Volunteer Fire Department for the service they rendered to my daughter and myself on Jan. 29, 2011.

My daughter returned home that evening to find me in bed and our carbon monoxide alarm was beeping a warning signal. She woke me up and I called 911 to see if someone could come and check our home out. Within a few minutes a fire truck and ambulance with their crews arrived at our home. The firemen, donned with their air pacs, soon found out that there was a very high level of carbon monoxide in our home.

My daughter, myself, along with our pet cat, were told to get out of our house. The temperature that night was near zero, so we were able to stay in the warmth of the ambulance until our home was cleared of the fumes. The gas company came and found the cause of the fumes was from a malfunction on our gas furnace. The firemen told us that if we had not had the carbon monoxide alarm, that more than likely we would not have woken up the next morning.

I purchased our carbon monoxide alarm several years ago, never thinking that something like this would actually happen to us. I encourage everyone to have one in their home. They are real life-saving devices!

Once again, thanks to the NMVFD and our local 911 center for taking the time to come to our aid.


Kimberly Haught

New Martinsville