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From Kitty Miller

By Staff | Feb 10, 2010

On February 15, 2008 my father, Robert Mossor, died an untimely death at the age of 58.The investigation into his death left serious questions regarding policies of the licensure requirements of healthcare professionals who practice within the largest healthcare system in America, The Veterans Administration.

Dear Senator Akaka,Hawaii (Chairman of the United States Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs): Thank you for your sincere condolences on my father’s passing and for assuring me that you take seriously quality of control issues at Veterans Administrationhospitals here in West Virginia and around the country.

The Veterans Administration may have the power to create an independent peer review and undertake sanctions upon a medical professional license (if appropriate) when the care of a veteran isin question.And although I am very pleased to hear thatThe Veterans Administration has these quality control policies in place, Ifind no comfort in your words, as these are not the policies I question.

As private consumers of healthcare, every American “has the right to know who is in charge of their care.” And our Veterans are no different, as the “Veterans Patient Bill of Rights” so clearly indicates. The Veterans Administration’s current policies grant immunity to these federal healthcare professionalsby allowing them to practice within the confines of the federals walls of our Veterans healthcaresystemwithout reporting to their perspective state medical boards; asystemwhich providestransparency to all American healthcare consumers regarding perspective healthcare providers.

I am calling for a review of all Veterans Administration policies regardingmedical professional licensure requirements, transparency of these medical professionals credentials and malpractice history, and the immediate end tothe Veterans Administration’s current national televisionrecruitment campaign.

Senator Akaka, my father’s name is Robert Mossor. He and my mother were married for 30 years and he was a grandfather to my two daughters.I watched him slowly die for 10 days in February of 2008 as each organin his body shut down one by one; his mind cognitive to what was occurring.So until you take seriously The Veterans Administration’s flawed policies regarding physician licensure requirements, I ask, with all due respect,that you refrain from sending me rubber stamped form letters from your staff, Sir.

Kitty Miller, daughter of Robert Mossor 1948-2008

New Martinsville