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From Kandi Roche

By Staff | Mar 11, 2009

Lessor/Lessee Roles

The land, mineral, gas, and oil owners are the lessor. The lessor sets the price for the tenant. Not the other way around.

The tenant, (production company) does not set the price. If you (lessor) owned an apartment building, would you allow the renter (lessee i.e, production company) to set the rental price? I don’t think so!

Would you allow a tenant to charge you for the costs of operating/frivolously decorating the apartment that you rented to them? They, paying you only what’s left of their paycheck, after paying for their food/water/utilities and paying you their “net”. I don’t think so! The rent is the rent and it has to be paid or they have to move out!

So why are you, the owner/lessor/landlord, allowing the renter/lessee/ tenant to set the price for what you have to offer in products of mineral, gas & oil and/or land access? Especially when the production company is performing grand theft of the product. Did you know that you are entitled to triple damages when a company illegally comes on your property and removes anything without your permission? What production company is on or under your property now?

Allegedly CNX/Console Energy/Dominion/Dynatec and too many others to list are now investor owned by the Chinese/Canadians/ Middle East? Is this true? If so, then American mineral, gas, and oil resources are not only being stolen but they are being stolen by foreign countries who allegedly are covers for America’s enemies? If you lease out your mineral, gas, and oil royalties or land for little or no income, are you not then “aiding and abetting the enemy”?

Does your loyalty to the United States of America need to be reviewed or are you a covert operator working on behalf of the foreign country? Where is your loyalty?

Kandi Roche