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From Donald Ray

By Staff | Dec 17, 2008

I want to personally thank Mr. Steve LeVan, Senior Vice President and General Manager Frontier Communications (East Region), for his efforts to expand Frontier’s high speed internet (DSL) service area by using the AdrenaLine technology. He and members of his management team, Mr. Mike Swatts in Charlestown and Mr. Jim Hill of the local Hundred office, are working hard and doing a great job making continued efforts to provide DSL to all Frontier customers.

Of course there are many residents of Wetzel County that are still beyond the reach of high speed broadband, and there is much that still needs to be done to provide this service to all residents of our county. President Elect Obama has specifically included increased broadband access as one of his top five initiatives to boost our nation’s economy.

Governor Manchin has been stressing this for several years. His stated goal is to have access to high speed Internet service available to every household in West Virginia. I fully support this initiative, especially since the United Sates ranks only 15th in the world in terms of broadband access.

Increased access to high speed broadband is critical to our nation, and it will give West Virginia’s state economy a much needed boost. In short, we will all benefit from having this essential service. Our children are learning to use the computer at school in great programs, but unfortunately many of them lack access to this resource in their homes.

I encourage all Wetzel County residents who are now beyond the reach of high speed broadband to communicate your interest in having this service both to your communication provider and to your elected officials.

Donald Ray

New Martinsville