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From Ralph and Carilyn Stoneking

By Staff | Dec 10, 2008

With the economy in its uncertainty, we unfortunately are seeing businesses close their doors. It would be nice if the government could give the small businesses bail outs that larger businesses are granted.

As I drive up and down Rt. 2, I can’t help but notice the bare lot that was once Bill Forbes. I have purchased all my vehicles for the last 20 years from Bill Forbes and this was done for a reason.

Bill always had that friendly smile and warm handshake to all who came to his business. Bill made you feel like part of his family. Bill took that extra time to really be concerned with how you were feeling on any given day.

Bill was, and still is, quick to put God in almost every conversation. Bill is truly a Disciple of the Lord who gives and does the Lord’s work everyday in complete silence from others.

My prayers go out to Bill and his family. My prayers is that in six years, when I need to purchase a new car, that I will once again be able to go to Bill Forbes. God bless you, Bill.

In Christian love,

Ralph and Carilyn Stoneking

New Martinsville