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From Nelda Ice

By Staff | Nov 20, 2008

The residents at the New Martinsville Tower would like to thank the gals of the YLU at Magnolia High School for the delicious food they prepared and served to us:

Stephanie Baxter, Brittany Batton, Suzanne Snyder, Tincy Haught, Lyn Miller, Alexa Jo Hanna, Rachel Hoffman, Sarah Culley, Padyn Ludewig, Amy Klug, Hannah Keys, Alyssa Warren, Krysten Miller, Mikayla Phillips, Kelsi Heasley, Bree Carr, Michelle Snyder, Rebecca Patterson, Kelsey Klug, Morgan Dawson, Lakyn Arrick, and leader Jan Emch.

The girls are sure good cooks. We had creamed green beans, meat loaf, salad, roast beef, ham, creamed chicken, corn, rolls, Jello, pie, and cookies.

We’re sure glad they made us their project.


Nelda Ice

A Tower resident

New Martinsville