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From Marilyn Hunt

By Staff | Nov 5, 2008

I am trying to stop trespass with the Chesapeake Energy Company trying to force me to sign an agreement that would give them all rights and me none. As can be seen, past contracts have been subject to fraud.

The unstable Chesapeake situation (The new Enron) seems to include sale of production to be made in future. This may explain the frantic and destructive manner in which Wetzel Co. roads and property have been sacrificed. Despite this, the company is still in financial trouble including stock price inflation inquiry by SEC.

People are rightly upset by embezzlement and fraud here in the county-yet the fact that both financial and property rights are in danger at such a large level is too big to see. People are being told that this is going to be the next “Dallas”. I fear that people will lose their life savings buying overpriced stock.

I have a (Wetzel Co.) farm and small mission (non-denominational) in Steubenville to run. My husband is a Sr. Scientist with Bayer.

We are trying to protect ourselves. The quality of life, clean air and clean water and farming our own food is at stake. The concept to “surface” rights has changed and we are caught between socialist/environmental and rapacious corporate interests. The family and family farm are the greatest resource the U. S. has-we are not surface Americans but the fulfilled dream of our country’s founders.

Marilyn Hunt

(Mrs. Robert N. Hunt)

Silver Hill

Macedonia Ridge