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From Donna Ferrell

By Staff | Nov 5, 2008

We are sick to death of hearing professing Christians say one thing and do another. Doing exactly what their union or their political party tells them and ignoring the convictions of their heart or teaching of the Bible or church.

If abortion is killing a child (which we know it is), then the opinion that it should be legal in some circumstances is “hypocrisy.” Justifying murder for the convenience of the adults is infanticide! And look out disabled voters. . . You are next! Killing unwanted adults is called euthanasia. How naive we are. Wait till there isn’t enough money to care for the reasonable healthy of society (our country is already bankrupt). Who will get axed from a National Health Care Plan first? Do you “really” believe that society can deem the killing of one class of citizen legal and not snowball to include other sectors of society (remember the German Holocaust).

How about homosexual rights? Marriage of same sex? Societies through the ages have seen marriage as a means to nurture children in a stable environment. The last 50-plus years have wreaked havoc on this institution. Society no longer seeks to place restrictions on any issues that affect society. . . porn, adultery, obscenity, indecency. . . We hear all the time, what is indecent or wrong for you, isn’t wrong for me. No absolutes, no rules. Marriage isn’t exclusively for opposite sexes anymore.

Think about a football game with no rules. . . or any game or activity for that matter. . . Even pulling your car into a parking lot. Can you imagine the anarchy? This is where we find our culture. This is where America now sits.

Pick up a Bible and read what God says to all people who deviate from righteousness. Read Amos 5:14, 15, 21-27; Proverbs 24:11,12 and Isaiah. There are absolutes! Most Biblical prophesies have already come true. We’re just waiting on the last. . . Jesus’ return following the apostasy of the world. Are we rushing toward that apostasy?

Obama wants to keep abortion (procedure to kill and remove baby) legal and supports the parasitic homosexual agenda. McCain wants to see abortion all but abolished (as rape and incest account for less than one percent) and supports the “natural” family. Perhaps the reason we’re in such economic straits is because we have deviated from God’s Will. Let’s align ourselves with God’s Will and see how He blesses our nation.

Donna Ferrell