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Looking For A Better America

By Staff | Sep 29, 2021

For those who’ve lived through the past 70 years, it’s frustrating and disappointing to see the country still protesting the same problems that we remember in the 1960s.

While we’ve seen great advances in technology, we’re still a country struggling with racism, war, poverty, division, equal rights, voting laws, police brutality, immigration reform, healthcare, military strength, and a host of other problems. Public frustration over these issues is clearly warranted.

For the past 70 years (a lifetime for most) the one real change has been technology. Oh, other changes have occurred, although most have been law changes such as seat belts, motorcycle helmets, more taxes, interstate highways and turnpikes, but for the most part we are still arguing the same old issues, mainly individual rights, gun control, abortion, and gay rights. And this is where today’s protests and movements take up the mantle. More than ever before, we are witnessing a deepening and broadening understanding of our commitment to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

The conditions and prospects are different today that they were six decades ago, but thanks to the groundwork laid out by those early generations of protesters, we are able to imagine a different world. So, let’s take heart in understanding that there is an unprecedented mass of people with open minds, generous hearts, and the technological means to work together to create a better world.

For the past two years we have witnessed mass demonstrations from both sides of the isle. Mainly because of different lifestyles and political views. We have seen attacks on democracy that are unprecedented in recent history. Covid-19 has brought about even larger challenges, as the pandemic divided the country over masks and vaccines. We even witnessed a failed insurrection attempt on the U.S. Capital. We watched as hundreds of thousands took to the streets in protest over George Floyd’s murder, which looked quite similar to the Civil Rights protests of the 60’s.

The similarities of a withdraw from Vietnam in the 70’s to Afghanistan this month, show the dramatic tragedy and challenges wars have on our interdependence with each other and with all life across the planet. And it has prompted many of us to reflect on what truly matters and gives life meaning.

What underpins the movements of today is a worldwide view that clearly honors life, liberty and freedom, and seeks to align with its patterns and potential. More of us are aware of how life works, how precious it is and how much is at stake. And more of us are coming together in service of a truly life-affirming, life-aligned society.

And in these ways, our communities and organizations can be places where we are nourished by our relationships and by the opportunity to contribute and develop our gifts and be held appreciatively by people and places, where we can grow into wisdom alongside each other, with trust that this is the most direct path to effective action, and where these are the express purposes of coming together.

Working together has never had more meaning then it does today. We can work together to improve our society or pull apart and stay divided. It our choice and it’s all up to you what kind of world you wish to live and raise a family in. There is common ground for everything, however it can only be reached by setting aside differences and working together. Again, it’s your choice!