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A Renewed Interest in Politics

By Ed Parsons - Editor | Aug 25, 2021

What is one of the first things most people do when they settle in for the night? A recent poll suggests more people today than ever before have a renewed interest in the affairs of Government and Politics!

Most recently, (perhaps the past 10-15 years), a certain pessimism has dominated the American mood. We have a great tendency to blame everything around us on Politicians. The theory that Federal, State and Local officials are failing us in all aspects of life, keeps us in constant fear, anger and searching for answers. Maybe the answer to many of the problems stem from our own inability to adapt to an ever changing America. What might be a good start to correcting our outlook on life could be turning off CNN and Fox news and allowing our representatives to do what most of us are not capable of: “running the country.”

Our political system is not designed to survive in a country totally divided, but by trust between diverse groups of people mutually invested in their shared well-being. The spirit of community is the deciding factor that has been used for over 200 years to make the United States extraordinary when looked at and envied by other nations.

Towns, neighborhoods and communities in the original theory of government were built around the relationships and trust that kept them together. Anyone who grew up in the post WWII era knew the understanding of the strong ties that bound communities together. It was jobs, friends, family, social life, church and knowing your local authorities had your best interest at heart while serving you, who employed them. It was not unusual to walk the streets of major cities in the U.S. without fear. Sure, there was violence, but not to the degree we have today and are experiencing as a nation divided.

This is not to suggest that American society has not always been divided in some way; since we became a nation, there have been divisions in class, ethnicity, and race, but the spirit of community always seemed to prevail in towns and neighborhoods that stuck together through thick or thin. Above all, the respect for and the integrity of the President of the United States kept us whole and undivided.

There are many factors involved that have served to weaken the structure of American culture. Everything from a huge population explosion, fueled in part by illegals entering our borders and the undoing of the industrial revolution. We are now dealing with social, cultural, economic and technological changes, plus an information revolution and service economy that is adverse to the American way of life that most have known and loved. These major changes in our way of life have transitioned us to be more socially discerning, and that alone can cause our Political leaders to find it difficult to solve problems through collaboration. Throw in moral decline, climate change, a pandemic of worldwide proportion, and a debt that is unresolvable, then we have a problem of epic proportions.

We the people have a responsiblity to stand up and be heard, especially on subjects that threaten our freedoms and liberties. However, we must be careful not to endanger our very way of life by undermining the longstanding assumptions, which should be embraced by our elected officials on both sides, about how to resolve the challenges that will face us in the decades to come.