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Clean up Days

By Staff | Jul 21, 2021

New Martinsville held two cleanup days over the past weekend with Dumpsters placed near the Hydro dam for citizens convenience. Other communities are working towards cleaning up blighted and dilapidated areas and buildings, and are asking residents to keep garbage off the streets and sidewalks until the day before collection.

Placing items out on the sidewalks the entire week is unhealthy and draws rodents and other animals which causes litter to be scattered. Local authorities are considering ways to combat these problems including issuing tickets for littering. New Martinsville is setting a good example for others to follow.

Place your unwanted items in containers and not bags when setting them on the street for pickup. Items like bedding mattresses should not be placed on the sidewalks or near the streets as they become a safety hazard.

Notify your local councilperson or the city building to report garbage and littering as it is unlawful. The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Agency is busy battling higway litter all year long. On August 7, they will hold their 32nd Annual Adopt-A-Highway Volunteer Appreciation Day at theTamarack Convention Center in Beckley.

The (WVDEP) will host the day-long celebration of volunteers who pick up litter along West Virginia highways.

The festivities begin at 9 a.m. with bingo, broom making, a painting class, children’s games, and other activities.

Volunteers will be served a catered lunch at noon. Afternoon activities include presentation of the annual AAH awards, including the 2021 AAH Volunteer of the Year. Volunteers with 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of service will receive lapel pins and a special AAH safety vest imprinted with the number of years they have participated.

AAH volunteers remove 4 million pounds of trash from state highways each year, while recycling 10,000 pounds of glass, 5,000 pounds of plastic, and 8,000 pounds of aluminum. The AAH program currently has 40,000 volunteers representing over 1,400 organizations that keep more than 3,300 miles of West Virginia roads litter free.

Locally we see the Solid Waste Authority bagging up litter along the roadways, but it often seems useless as litterbugs continue to dump their stuff along the road sides. Hopefully some of the offenders will get caught and an example can be set. You can be sure the fines will make them think twice before doing it again.

In the communities each and every one has a responsiblitity to keep their properties clean and free of junk and trash. However, it’s not happening and a quick drive through the towns show some just don’t care or have any respect for anyone else. City officials are going to have to crack down hard on some of these places because they are out of hand and unsafe.

Junk cars and vehicles setting in peoples yards do not make good lawn ornaments and they do cause contaminents to get in the water and sewer systems.