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Education, Values and Priorities

By Ed Parsons - Editor | Feb 24, 2021

Something seems lost in today’s world! The chaos we’ve seen in politics the past several months on the national level, has trickled down to the local level and hit home hard for folks in Wetzel County. Growing up in Wetzel County Schools is something most of us are proud of. We have bragging rights when it comes to academics, sports, and quality education experiences.

Children in our school systems have always been top priority. Quality education and values have been the goal for educators and school administrators as far back as I can remember. And it’s been the dream and aspiration of most parents for their kids to have an opportunity to be educated in that type of atmosphere.

I have watched how the system works for many years and it seems to work best when there is stability. By this I also mean longevity. Like when an athletic director can stay in a position for 35-40 years without fear of losing his position over politics or personal issues. Like looking back at the year books and seeing the pictures of teachers in the 1970’s who are still educating today. Stability also occurs when people work together. However in all cases there has to be a leader. Someone in charge who is willing to make tough decisions. Not all decisions will be political correct, but if they are for the good of the youth, they are most often right.

There are many things in life that cannot be taken away. And good people keep these things as their priorities. Others give them away in pursuit of personal gain they feel as more important. A good person will keep his convictions and his values intact, and thus keep his self esteem. Others harbor hatred, jealousy, bitterness, envy, intolerance, and spite with little regard for what is truly at stake.

Peoples dreams and hard work have made Wetzel County a special place to live and raise children. Great educators, coaches, and school administrators have made Wetzel County Schools a special place for our youth.

One of those special administrators has been Superintendent Ed Toman. He has demonstrated a good sense of humor, and developed a love for the people and beautiful things that surround him, thus allowing him to keep his inner peace. But his number one priority, something that is rare today, has been the betterment of the children in the school system. It seems he has kept those things that others have gave away, his convictions, self esteem, and values.

The number one quality I viewed of Superintendent Ed Toman while covering school functions was his constant presence. Whether it was in the far end of the county or along the river front, he was there for the children. That is a rare quality. Another was his availability. Try reaching someone by phone today, more often than not you will get an answering machine, you leave a message and still don’t receive a return call or message. Not Toman, he is quick to respond and answer your question or give a statement.

Patience is taught by the history of time, by taking a look at the past. Wetzel County should consider that when making decisions that affect todays youth. For it is not about who is on the Board or President of the Board, it’s about the children.

Troubles, disappointments and hardships are a major part of life. How we deal with them determines who we are, Ed Toman is no stranger to adversity he will fair well, that’s the kind of person he is.

The Wetzel County Board of Education is now tasked with the job of finding a replacement for Mr. Toman. Good Luck on that one, as we say goodbye to the Children’s Superintendent.