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Mother’s Day Tribute

By Staff | May 6, 2020

If you’re a young person, we can tell you one certainty about your relationship with your mother. You haven’t done enough to thank her.

If you’re an older person, we have a slightly different thing to say. Whatever you will do, it will never be enough for everything she’s done for you.

In each case, though, there’s always room and the possibility for improvement. Oh, what I’d give to enjoy another day with my mother. To walk into her house and smell the fresh baked food. To set in the chair, as she turned the TV off while we talked. What a pleasure to say, “come on lets take a ride” and head to the country just to enjoy her company.

Mothers are so special, considering the hundreds of tasks they tackle and somehow master. We should be handing them plaques and certificates of honor and achievement. I remember watching June Cleaver and saying that’s my “Mom.”

We shouldn’t stop at a simple “Thanks, mom,” and none of us should have any problems setting the day aside for the one who brought us into the world and does so much for us. Mothers accomplish dozens, if not hundreds, of those helpful little things, with bits of encouragement on a daily basis.

Motherhood is a lifetime job. There’s no point at which a mother stops being a mother. Mother is a lifetime job. Every child of whatever age needs to realize that every day should be Mother’s Day. Even after a child is grown, graduated and employed, mom is still mom, and moms will always worry. If an adult child weds, even procreates, the mother continues to look out for her offspring.

So for Mother’s Day, we have a few special wishes for the moms out there.

We hope you are surrounded by family today. If they can’t make it home, we hope your kids at least call. We hope at least one person doesn’t stop at “Happy Mother’s Day,” but elaborates at least a little bit on the depths of their gratitude and the reasons for it. Maybe they could share a few memories with the goal of making you laugh, or cry, or both.

We hope you feel pride today when you look at the child or the children on whom you have had an influence, we hope you see the kinds of people you wanted them to be. It is ok to be proud, not only of them, but of yourself for the role you played in getting them to where they are.

George Washington once said, “All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.”