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The Truth Be Told

By Staff | Mar 11, 2020

A newspaper can and may write about controversial issues or people, for it is a right guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

By reporting news, the editor of this newspaper can and will, if he does his job properly, get on the wrong side of certain groups or individuals. Quite often when more than one news source is covering an event, one newspaper is more regarded over another, at recent meetings information and papers are handed to one newpaper while the others are ignored, when this happens communications break down. When communications breakdown, facts can often be left out. It’s important that all news scoures are treated equal, so the complete story gets told.

When this editor does publish a story or editorial, those adversely imaged have rights. We try to get the views of the people involved on both sides of a controversy. Sometimes this is not possible, but the stories and the truth must still flow to the public.

Some of those adversely affected respond with a request for an interview. Others do not.

In the event there is an error made in a story about a person or an event, or if there is just a misconstruction of facts by a reader, our newspaper has a long history of offering a rebuttal or offering a person an opportunity to state any opinion he thinks should be published. Our readers are welcome to state their views of stories, especially if they differ from ours, or even if they just think our reporting is in bad taste or does not come up to community standards. We want people to express themselves, especially through our newspaper.

Our newspaper faces another aspect of reporting news. Rather than print only the chamber of commerce stuff or the bulletin board notices from the churches or city hall, it is a newspaper’s responsibility to print all news.

News is defined as “the unusual.” There is still a need of the average citizen to have the news reported to them in a newspaper. It is important to them to have a source of information about people and issues that is the truth, plainly and simply the truth.

Individuals in any group have the right to not buy our newspaper. They can choose between reading a paper which prints nothing “bad” or, they can read the paper which regards truth as the ultimate goal in reporting all the news accurately and fairly.

It is our tradition to report news. When it gets down to the news in our columns, we do not “doctor” stories and we do not “soften” them for any person or special interest group. You need to know the truth in your newspaper. So, if your side doesn’t get told, it could be a lack of communication, something both parties need to work on!