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Editorial for December 11

By Staff | Dec 11, 2019

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Saturday, the downtown portion of our small community of New Martinsville came up big. It looked like days of old. People passing by on the streets with children by their sides and smiles on their faces. Store fronts decorated for the season and doors open waiting for shoppers and visitors.

With morning temperastures in the low 30’s and the sun shining brightly, months of planning got under way without a hitch. The Wetzel County Chamber of Commerce along with the Wetzel County Visitor Convention Center, The City of New Martinsville, the County Commission and several other volunteers efforts begin to show results of a community working together.

A free breakfast for the community followed by the presentation of nearly four hundred brand spanking new bicycles to local childre made it special. If you were among the more than 2,500 estimated people who walked the streets, shopped in the stores, ate at the restaurants and enjoyed the annual evening Christmas parade, you understand what a loving caring atmosphere was provided in the neighborhood.

The beaming looks on the childrens faces as they received their new bicycles compliments of the Acts Charitable Misson Chuch on North Main Street, was enough to brighten ones day. What a beautiful showing of kindness from this special group of Christians.

What a day! All day long and into the night, the joy of a revived downtown brought back to life, it certainly brought out the best in nearly everyone. The planning of events to create the astmoshere was a huge undertaking by a most dedicated group of people who we can all be thankful for.

In the past week New Martinsville has set an example for many other small towns across all of America. They have been busy cleaning streets, patching potholes, cleaning up eyesores, and making the City a better place to live.

Erveryone has their own special stories of this wonderful little town in the mist of the most beautiful state in the land. There are stories abound, the floods of past years, the great sports teams we’ve ejoyed over the years and the tales of the great men and women who have led New Martinsville since the beginning. I am here to tell you now New Martinsville is still one fine community who has an abundance of people willing to make it even better.

There is still many activities right here at home. Bruce Park is still the gem of the community. A put-put golf course, ice rink, tennis and basketball courts and so much more.

The Hydro Dam area is another treat where fishing is the favorite pastime. Parks and Recreation in New Martinsville is second to done. Hang on to your hat this old diamond in the rough is making a comeback. They have the best music event free of charge in the entire state, and the Theatre on main street has been preserved in it’s finest state.

Remember the old saying the next time someone says there is nothing to do in New Martinsville. “The grass always looks greener on the other side.”