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Editorial for November 20

By Staff | Nov 20, 2019

Covering the latest impeachment hearings is much better than “DAYS OF OUR LIVES” it’s total nonsence. It’s a real fairy tale to think or actually believe it really matters.

There is no doubt, it’s a foregone conclusion, it is really going to happen, the House of Representatives will impeach President Donald Trump.

Say What? Oh yeah they are really going to hold him accountable. It will be a formal indictment, the articles of impeachment will be detailed, everything will come out.

These high crimes against the people of this nation, the unconstitutional breach of his executive power, is all but sure to bring the misdemeanor crimes to light.

As certain as it is, it is also certain the whole debacle is uncalled for and the United States Senate will not convict him.

It’s a witch hunt in disguise, it’s the last straw attempt to discredit one of America’s great all-time leaders. Not the great orator some believe we need, but a great President who holds the highest office in the land with dignity and respect for the country. Says Republicans; not so, says Democrats.

Three other times in the history of America the House has held proceedings of impeachment against the President. Two of those attempts to prosecute were unsuccessful and flawed from the beginning. The third was interrupted by Nixon’s resignation. During those proceedings the House presented a case which was peruasive and detailed, and justified the process. Those proceedings serve as a model for proper and successful hearings today.

The House holds the upper hand in the first vote. The Senate is superior in the second. So! sorry about your luck, you can’t win. And the taxpayer, law abiding citizen loses again.

The only good is the entertainment at a very high price. It seems as the Democrats were wise to be cautious about setting all this in motion, but they followed through, now will it backfire or just be a total waste of time and more tax dollars.

In the end, though, it also had to be done. Mr Trump’s conduct made that action inescapable; the constitution made it necessary.

It seems likely at this early stage that the impeachment of Mr Trump will play out predictably. The House will impeach. The Senate will acquit. Mr Trump will claim a great victory. Both big parties will be fired up for November, and the voters will then give the final verdict.

To many Democrats, guided by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the impeachment inquiry is both an examination of Trump’s corrupt treatment of Ukraine and the culmination of their longstanding efforts to prove he was unfit from the start to govern the nation.

To many Republicans, and to Trump, impeachment is a high-profile setup orchestrated by frustrated Democrats who expected former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russia to rid the country of a president they dislike.

The Impeachment Hearings is like watching Wheel of Fortune where the puzzle is completely solved but contestants keep guessing letters. The Democrats set an impeachment trap for the president by just sitting and waiting for him to commit a completely unnecessary crime. And the wheel continues turning and never stop.

Corruption used to be something everyone was concerned about. Now adays, it just isn’t so. So, I expect more of the same moving forward. Democrats pointing to the facts and laying them bare, with the Republicans spinning, bobbing and weaving saying “who cares”- the President did nothing wrong.

Yes! This is exactly why in America we should not prosecute murders if we think the trial will be boring.

For certain no one will ever agree to disagree on this one. With President Bill Clinton we all knew the truth, With Andrew Johnson it was all a mistake based on technicalities, and he was aquitted by a single vote. “Richard tricky Dick Nixon” out smarted them all.

He just called it quits. He said if he had it all to do over again, he would have fired everyone first and then quit himself!

The overwhelming evidence of substantial high crimes, by President Trump, just don’t seem to matter, and all the effort and expense to try a case with no meaningful outcome for either side leaves one with only one explanation. It’s horseradish!

Here we are in the middle of a great high school volleyball tournament and we have to deal with politicians and professional football players who don’t know right from wrong!

All the charges, however, must also be debated fully and voted upon solemnly. An impeachment based on a single article, however outrageous the violation, could be seen as too narrow a rationale for presidential removal.

And the more minimal and narrow the articles, the more quickly and easily the Republican Senate, and history, can dismiss them.

For all its shoddiness. the impeachment proceeding against Andrew Johnson provides several lessons worth remembering.

Instead of harping on the technicalities of the trifling Tenure of Office Act, the impeachment might have focused on the real case for his removal: Johnson was systematically undermining Reconstruction. He had vetoed the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the 14th Amendment to the Constitution (Congress overrode both vetoes), and he had sought to return the freedmen to a semblance of slavery.

Johnson’s opposition, the Radical Republicans, did make an effort to encompass the overarching enormity of what they understood to be Johnson’s


The 11th article of impeachment – known as the omnibus article – was a broad-gauged, sweeping statement of the president’s alleged abuses, framed to capture the larger issue of a president denying the very validity of Congressional legislation and denying that he had any obligation to honor its dictates.

The leader of the Radicals, Pennsylvania Rep. Thaddeus Stevens, who was a House manager in Johnson’s Senate trial, understood the stakes.

He scoffed at the previous articles as insignificant and technical. He called the omnibus article “the gist and vital portion of this whole prosecution.” But his last-ditch effort didn’t persuade the Senate.

Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives might want to consider adding a more solidly based omnibus article to the charges against Trump.

A fifth article that defines the totality of the case against the president might not ultimately win over the two-thirds majority of the Senate necessary to remove him.

But it could memorably capture the entirety of the case against this president, and stand as the enduring judgment of history.