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Making A Positive Change

By Staff | Jun 19, 2019

What can be better than positive change in someones life? Recent action on the part of Judge David W. Hummel of the Second District Northern Panhandle Drug Court has brought together or combined if you will Drug Court and Mental Rehabilitation to form what is now Treatment Court. Judge Hummel has been over Drug Court in the Second District for the past eleven years and has come to realize that more is needed than just Drug Court alone. He is exactly right!

All more often than not Drug Court alone will not turn around the dead end life style that plaques the attendees. From drugs to jail and from jail to drug court and then repeating the cycle has become the norm. Judge Hummel sought out a change, he understood they could do better treatment wise. He knew the successes and failures of drug court. He also understood real chage requires three things, time, energy, and motivation.

It’s normal to get motivated when things go wrong. When the mental health aspect of drug court was eliminated and two good drug court employees were pushed out Hummel became motivated. He went looking for the solution and believes he’s found it. With the help of some dedicated individuals, including Northwood Health Services and their willingness to embrace the idea, a plan was put in place to give free of charge Mental Health Treatment to individuals who otherwise would have only received Drug Court as part of their criminal sentence.

Hummel calls it a revival of mental health services to drug court. Hummel says the plan is innovative. It gives continued treatment to individuals who otherwise would have been unable to receive it. Drug Court is now called Treatment Court!

It includes free transportation to and from the treatment facility in New Martinsville and provides more than just a trip to Pennsylvania to pick up medicine which never involves real treatment. It’s a real chance for people with drug issues to get mental health help instead of falling into the same old trap.

Hummel said the plan provides professionally trained counslers who will treat anxiety and depression disorders. It becomes voluntary at some point following incarceration, but it remains available to those who choose to accept real help.

It is in the early stages but will eventually lead to treatment release which will be simuilar to work release. Incarcerated individuals will still be locked up, but will be released to receive treatment at the center. Northwood Health Services is providing the initial treatment plan at their Mid-Valley facility in New Martinsville, for all of Wetzel, Tyler, and Marshall County.

It’s a good plan, a good start to something better. It gives real hope, real treatment and less chance of failure. How can you ask for anything better? This is positive action and not just talk. Judge David W. Hummel is a motivator, he wants to see success, we need more people who spend their time, energy and motivation to make our world a better place to live.