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What Times Is It? Clean Up Time!

By Staff | Jun 12, 2019

One Street At A Time is hitting the streets of New Martinsville with volunteers! Please spread the word and come out to lend a hand.

We hear it all the time! First impressions matter! We need to be mindful as to how our community looks and is perceived by visitors. Having a clean, up-kept neighborhood benefits all members of the community. With the summer weather upon is, we are spending more time outdoors enjoying our natural surroundings. Unfortunately, some areas are in need of some TLC and cleanup. Tidying up your neighborhood can have a big impact on the community, as well as the environment.

There are many small things that we can do to improve the first impression of our County and communities. The first and most important thing that we can do is keep our properties neat, clean and presentable. That means taking pride in the appearance of our homes, streets and properties. There is no excuse for not taking care of lawns, weeds and garbage. These are small things that we all can do to improve the overall appearance. We can all pitch in and clean it up.

Getting your community involved in cleanup can be a great way to create an awareness in your area. A cleanup can also bring about a sense of community and responsibility to keep our homes and common areas safe and clean. Visible results might lead to a heightened interest and involvement among Community members.

A neighborhood cleanup does not have to be large in scale; it might just be a few families on your street getting involved, or it could be an entire neighborhood or church group. The cleanup is a great opportunity to beautify local common areas as well. This could be as simple as planting a few flowers, or fixing up a damaged sign or sidewalk. It is amazing how just a few minor changes can improve the look and feel of a community. You could also post signs asking neighbors not to litter. In addition, it provides a great opportunity to get out and meet your neighbors and enjoy the summer weather and sunshine.

A community cleanup brings volunteers together to clean, repair, and improve public spaces or other areas (such as vacant lots or abandoned properties) that have been neglected, vandalized, or misused. Cleanup projects can involve all kinds of public spaces-parks, riverbanks, schoolyards, sidewalks, playing fields, and even parking lots, to name just a few.

No matter if you are picking up litter from your own frontyard or joining a community cleanup, your little impact will make a big difference.