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Averting Disaster

By Staff | Jun 5, 2019

On Saturday afternoon, May 25, lightning struck a one million gallon natural gas storage tank owned by Dominion Resources near Friendly. We often hear of disasters in other areas of the country and the world, but we seldom experience such problems hear at home.

Quick action on the part of local and state officials, first responders and employees of Dominion, kept a bad situation from turning worse. With a natural gas storage tank on fire and the possibility of a major explosion, these brave men and women used all the resources available to them, to get the fire under control.

It was not an easy task, nor without danger. Local fire departments, the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, Emergency management personal and many others put their lives on the line to ensure the safety of others.

Once the order went out for help, Tyler County Office of Emergency Management Director Tom Cooper pulled all his resources to the scene. With the assistance from several area fire departments they worked throughout the afternoon and night, not knowing the outcome, but willing to battle the blaze to the end.

The outcome was what we prayed for, the fire was suppressed and no injuries were reported. However, the result could have been the opposite had it not been for the knowledge and skills acquired though many years of training by the first responders and volunteers. Remember that the next time your local fire department and emergency personal has a need.