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By Staff | May 29, 2019

There is something special about living in a small community. The streets that we drive on, the sidewalks we walk on and the houses we live in were built by hands of people who still live here today. Many of the families that live here today can trace their roots back generations and find grandparents and great grandparents who also called this home.

A recent walk through a local cemetery revealed meticulously maintained headstones with surnames still seen today in the community. A meal, in the local downtown restaurant can provide scores of history lessons. You will find everything from the largest floods, to the best athletes hanging on the walls. Start a conversation with pretty much any of the regulars and you’ll be able to find roots that go back to the early years.

You can also find out practically everything good and bad in the community. As German philosopher Immanuel Kant so eloquently stated, “The nice part about living in a small town is that when you don’t know what you’re doing, someone else always does.”

I get a real kick out of people! While having lunch on a couple occasions the past two week, I’ve heard everything from congratulation on your new job to you’re too old for this. I appreciate the concern, I really do, but don’t worry I’m up to the task. As part of the job, I plan on being the gatekeeper of local government, not too much will pass me by and I will take the good with the bad. Hang on it’s going to be a rough ride. A lot like driving on the streets mentioned above.