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We Applaud Local Scouts

By Staff | Feb 20, 2019

The Wetzel Chronicle had the great privilege of covering the local scouts’ Mountaineer District Pinewood Derby on Feb. 16. We will have more on that in a future edition of the Wetzel Chronicle. Needless to say, our reporter was definitely impressed!

Our coverage of the event along with last week’s New Martinsville Council coverage has caused us to reflect on the positivity the local scouts bring to the area.

If you recall last week’s council coverage, local Cub Scout and Boy Scout troops attended New Martinsville’s February council meeting. There, three of the Boy Scouts asked some tough questions of council; questions regarded homelessness, the appearance of the city, and drug use. We can certainly imagine it wasn’t easy to stand and ask those questions before council and other folks in attendance at the meeting.

We hope, perhaps from our coverage, readers understand the merits that our local scouts organizations bring to our community. Whether it be the Pinewood Derby, the scouts’ annual day camp, or perhaps a random trip to a city council meeting, it’s always a joy to report on local scouts. We are always left impressed and hopeful for the future.