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An Enduring Legacy

By Staff | Sep 19, 2018

This Saturday, Sept. 22 will kick-off the Ebert Brothers Family & Friends’ 51st year of shows.

This is a remarkable feat.

For 51 years, the Ebert family’s show has endured. It’s safe to say each changing decade has brought its challenges to the show. Music itself has changed in five decades, but not only that – the family has dealt with their personal struggles, such as the loss of brother Norbert.

Yes, times have changed, but the Ebert Brothers Family & Friends show hasn’t changed in what it brings to the local area – top-notch and classy local entertainment, along with plenty of smiles and laughter.

We give a hearty round of applause to those who make this show so special. Congratulations on 51 years; here’s to another season.