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Thankful for the JASON Learning Argonaut Program

By Staff | Mar 28, 2018

Our congratulations goes to students Martha Doiron and Abbe Stackpole, along with teacher Carolyn Hizer, as the trio prepares for a trip to Nicaruagua as part of the JASON Learning Argonaut program.

The JASON Learning curriculum was introduced in Wetzel County Schools last year. Since then, three Wetzel County educators and three Wetzel County students have had the unforgettable experience of traveling past the borders of our county, state, and country, to embark on expeditions involving hands-on learning like none other.

Hizer, Doiron, and Stackpole are very much deserving of this venture. The application process for the Argonaut program is rigorous, and the trio’s work will continue once they return from their volcano exploration trip. The trio will go on a tour throughout our county’s schools upon their return from Nicaragua to pass on the knowledge they have garnered.

Hizer, Doiron, and Stackpole will be the third group of Argonauts from Wetzel County; we are certainly excited for them, and we are very much excited to see the JASON Learning curriculum continue.