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Proud of Area Students

By Staff | Feb 28, 2018

Sometimes we find ourselves with a surplus of news about our youth. For instance, this time of year there are all sorts of exciting things happening within our area schools. We have received several honor rolls and principals’ lists. This week we are featuring Math Field Day news, and we just received information regarding Social Studies fair winners – look for that next week!

Flip over to our sports section, and you will see that the Magnolia girls basketball team took home sectional honors. Just a week or so ago, River boys and girls basketball teams were gracing the front of our sports pages.

Our kids are doing wonderful things, and we have an abundance of news concerning those wonderful things.

We are so very proud of our youth, and we believe these highlights and successes are a reflection of those who instruct and coach them on a daily basis. We believe this bodes well for our future, and we certainly look forward to following their progress as they continue to excel in their academic and athletic endeavors.