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Remain Calm And Do Your Part

By Staff | Jan 31, 2018

The news of alleged social media threats against Valley High School is alarming. In today’s society, news of a child making threats, or worse, seems to be an awful and tragic weekly occurrence, on a national level. We don’t blame parents at all for being alarmed at the news from our own corner of the world. It is of the utmost seriousness.

We feel Wetzel County Prosecuting Attorney Tim Haught and Wetzel County Schools Superintendent Ed Toman gave the best advice as we all come to terms with this unsettling news: Monitor your child’s social media activities. It’s hard to keep track of all the different applications out there, immediately accessible at our children’s fingertips… However, we must stay aware.

Might we add another bit of advice? Monitor your own social media activities as well.

Please give the school system and law enforcement a chance to conduct an investigation. Let us not act as investigators. Let us not act like the law, the judge, and the jury – via social media. School officials and law enforcement are trained to best take care of these situations. There are protocol and laws that must be followed; thus, information is severely limited in regards to what can be made public.

Superintendent Toman has gone as far as to offer his phone number, publicly. We encourage parents and guardians to use it, if they have questions. That is what the superintendent wants folks to do, rather than speculate on social media.

Let’s not openly spread mere speculation. Let’s trust in the school system and law enforcement, as they work to ensure the safety in our schools.