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Pine Grove Needs Help

By Staff | Aug 16, 2017

We feel for our friends and neighbors in Pine Grove. Two months is too long to go without a properly functioning sewage system.

At the Tuesday, Aug. 8 council meeting, residents expressed frustration – rightfully so.

For a new mayor and fresh council, problems have occurred one after another, seeming like a perfect storm.

We agree with one resident, who hinted that the problem is bigger than the town.

The mayor and council mentioned federal representatives who have offered to write letters. Their help seemed to

end there.

If this is the case, shame on them.

Sewage creeping into basements and the lower levels of one’s home – along with outside where children play – is a serious health hazard.

Enduring the smell of sewer gas, day after day, obviously isn’t healthy.

There is only so much a small town such as Pine Grove can do. The people there need the bigger people, with the bigger and wider-reaching voices, to help. This is why those folks are elected, to stand as a voice for their constituents.

Their time to act is now.