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Have Fun, and Be Safe

By Staff | Jun 28, 2017

This weekend, the City of New Martinsville could see a record-breaking amount of people converge on Main Street for the first-ever Back Home Appalachian Arts & Music Festival. The event promises fun for all ages – bluegrass music, paintings and photography exhibits, crafts, food vendors, and more. There will also be alcohol.

If you check out our special insert, you will read that open carry will be allowed in the venue area. There will be a “beer garden,” an area to purchase alcohol. A wristband will then allow the consumer to carry his or her beverage outside of the garden area. This is new for a festival in our area.

We hope those who choose to take advantage of this opportunity, do so responsibly. We know there will be a law enforcement presence, but officers cannot be everywhere at once.

Don’t share beverages with those who are underage. Stay sober. Be mindful of children.

Let’s make this special inaugural festival a positive experience, one we can keep celebrating in the upcoming years.