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Thank You Commission

By Staff | Jun 14, 2017

We must tip our hats to the Wetzel County Commission for their responsible investment in our county.

As you can gather from our news reports, the commission often receives requests for financial assistance from various area organizations, from each area of the county.

The decision as whether or not to grant, and in what capacity, certainly cannot be an easy one. The oil and gas industry can be unpredictable; thus, Wetzel County may not always be blessed with the funds it does have. The commission has to keep that in mind, while also making sure one area of the county is not favored over another.

The commission also most likely has to determine the viability of a cause, and how many Wetzel Countians it will benefit.

Frankly, despite all these areas of concern, we think the commission is doing a stellar job in all areas.

By helping Hundred’s pool committee with renovations to the pool, the commission is helping to ensure that Hundred’s youth will have a safe and productive summer.

And by helping the Wetzel County Center for Children and Families with a bit of funding, the commission is helping to ensure that the center’s baby pantry has adequate funding, thus, making sure our county’s most vulnerable – our babies – have a warm and safe place to lay their heads at night.

We know their jobs aren’t easy, and we know they cannot help everyone with every need; however, in the ways they do help, our commissioners are making a world of difference in our county.